Friday, 1 November 2013

Crop tops

Hello Everyone !

After lots of thought and decision making I have finally decided what I shall post about today...
crops !!

The other day I saw my friend wearing a bra yet claimed it was a bandeau.. Bra's are ment to be under your tops or even used as a corset.

Instead of a bra wear a bralette When wearing a bralette  I would pair it with high wasted pants or a skater skirt, there is nothing wrong with showing a bit of skin but not your whole stomach.

When wearing a Bralette pair it with a lace top over or a crop or dress with low side and back.

I love the way Selena Gomez has paired it with a high wasted skirt and Katy Perry as well.
I love these Cut back hipster tops !! So pretty !
Pair a Bandeau with an oversized jumper and rodes.

Or even a high wasted skirt.
Or shorts ? Crops and Bandeau's with high wasted shorts are huge in the spring/summer !

So, there are some of my ideas on how to pair hipster/Bandeau/Bralette's :)
Ladies, try to be a bit more conservative, if you are skinny and have washboard abbs there is no problem with wearing a bandeau with nothing over, but make sure first that it is not a bra and in fact a bandeau or hipster crop. Also try not wear a bra without something over ! If you may have a little bit of a tummy try wearing high wasters to make it look more attractive and it slims you down !!! But, if you have a big tummy try to pair it with a top over, much more appropriate.
If you are insecure about your body I would advise you wear a lace top over with high wasted shorts / jeans.

My new favourite thing for the spring is a Top shop Cami.. Paired with highwasted shorts or jeans with a bandeau under seeing as the cami's are in fact see through !
Or even a bandeau without the Cami.

Meg XX

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