Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Finding fashion.

Finding Fashion.

After years of following other peoples style/fashion and sticking to stuff that I "thought" was on trend.. I discovered fashion in its own.

Having the body that I do, I used to be conservative and stick to oversized jumpers or tees... But once I decided that I can make a difference with my body and can dress in a crop top or "cheeky shorts". I discovered that even with a none anorexic body and none stick legs, if I dress properly with the correct clothing size, it shall slim your waist down, and will help show off you best assets.


Women in our day in age, sometimes don't dress for their body and it may give off the wrong impression to men or even people in general. Ladies must dress to suit their body. If you have a big bust or stomach, try to stay away from skin tight tees and skinnies, it is not satisfying for your body and does NOT give you a good image. if you have a thin waist and small bust, tank tops and skinny jeans are made for you!  But, make sure that when showing skin you don't over do it by giving men the wrong impression.

When buying clothing,  from different stores, I have noticed even for myself that in each store I shall be a different size. All makes say the same size BUT they are all different... In saying so, lets say you go to Topshop and get a size 10 jeans, and then go to H&M and will have to get a 12...
It frustrates me, and is super annoying that you always have to changes sizes! But, if you are a size 10 pant in Topshop and they are a perfect fit, do not get a size 12, it shall look baggy and unsatisfying!

On trend.

Being on trend used to be a big part of my wardrobe.
In the past few months, I have discovered my own fashion and how I wish to dress for myself.
Tucking in tanks with highwaisted pants with oversized jumpers or just dressed with crops...
Convers are a big part of my wardrobe, as well as playsuits for this spring.
(At the bottom of this post I shall insert my spring favs and where I purchased them.)
this spring has been rather hot but quite chilly in the evening, so with sticking on trend but giving it a unique cute twist I shall wear shorts with a tank top, booties and an oversized jumper.
My converse are my favourite spring item, and have been overused! They go with everything and are spot on, on trend. With sticking to trend, but keeping it my own, I am starting to love fashion, and have decided to create this blog to share my fashion favz and also use this for, reviews, my story and many other things..
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Love XX

Spring Favz.

Full Topshop outfit. I love this outfit for a night out look, I think the dress gives it a great 90's style but the booties and leather give it a funky edge.

This dress is from Topshop as well. You can dress it up with high heels and a pearl necklace, or dress it down with a vintage jumper and open sandals and a simple brown leather shoulder bag, or even with plain white converse.
Full length overalls are huge this season! But, really hard to find. This one is from Forever 21. And styles great with a crop top under and converse or vans.
This grunge style is a great favourite and straight on trend. The oversized top is from Zara, Denim top is from Mr Price Apparel, Booties are Mr Price and leggings and necklace are from cotton on, other jewels are from Diva.
Loved this look, it was for a casual day at the shops with my friends. I wore my oversized jumper from Forever 21, distressed skinny jeans from Woolworths Apparel, and open sandals, with my hair naturally curled and lots of salt spray and my jewelled headband.
#Ancientphoto I look much different in this outfit now.. but, haha.. I love this outfit! It is such a chilled outfit and bang on trend! Short- Mr Price, Top - H&M, Hat - Woolworths. I do not remember what shoes I wore with this, but I wear my Top Shop booties, or open sandals with this. It's a very beach"y" outfit.